An automated cooking machine which could be a one stop solution for all your cooking needs !! Can cook Rice items,Hot Beverages(Coffee, Soup),Dosa, Upma and lots more in a single touch.

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An automated cooking machine which cooks rice items like Puliogare, Lemon rice, Tomato rice, Upma and lots more !!

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An automated cooking machine which bakes Idly, Cakes and Dhokla it also serves beverages like Coffee, Tea, Soup, Protein shake etc !!


An automatic dosa machine which serves hot dosas as many number as you need in just one click.

Control Unit

Heart of customized EasyCook, This is the unit which controls all modules like Rice,Steamer and Dosa, Hence having one such unit can control all three modules separately 

Research and Development is always our priority and do expect few more add-ons like Steamer block where you can cook Rotis !!

Yummy isn't it !!