Project | 01

EasyCook - Designed an automated solution for cooking Indian cuisine. 


We are showcasing our product EASY COOK which can effortlessly make customized ready to eat foods (piping hot dosas, Idlies, Cakes, Beverages and rice items). This desktop machine designed for homes can cook a meal with a mere press of a button.


  • The recipes are pre-build which can also be programmed by the user.

  •  It is integrated with a real-time monitoring system.

  •  Can be accessed and controlled by a mobile app.

Project | 02
Home Automation
Home Automation using Node js, Google assistant and Alexa. Now control your house lightings and devices with Mobile or voice commands !!
Project | 03
Universal mobile controlled Remote
IR Blaster remote with basic HTML page to control different IR devices like TV, AC etc using mobile phone.
Project | 04
Attendance System
Worked on plenty of Attendance system technologies including RFID, UFH RFID, Fingerprint and QR Code.
Have worked on Plenty other projects and Technologies, Details in my Resume. 
Note - All the above mentioned projects and projects mentioned in my profile were done during my college days as an hobby. Projects worked in my Job shall never be mentioned for obvious reasons
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